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Life insurance is a contract between the insurer and the policy owner(Policyholder) whereby a benefit is paid to the designated Beneficiary if an insured event occurs is covered by the policy. Life policies are legal contracts and the terms of the contract describe the limitations of the insured events. Specific exclusions are often written into the contract to limit the liability of the insurer; for example claims relating to suicide (after 2 years suicide has to be paid in full), fraud, war, riot and civil commotion.Life based contracts tend to fall into two major categories: Protection policy-designed to provide a benefit in the event of specified event, typically a lamp sum payment. Investment policies-where the main objectives is to facilitate the growth of capital by regular or single premiums.

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company, under which you make a lump-sum payment or series of payments. In return, the insurer agrees to make periodic payments to you beginning immediately or at some future date. Annuities typically offer tax-deferred growth of earnings and may include a death benefit that will pay your beneficiary a guaranteed minimum amount, such as your total purchase payments. There are generally two types of annuities—fixed and variable. In a fixed annuity, the insurance company guarantees that you will earn a minimum rate of interest during the time that your account is growing. The insurance company also guarantees that the periodic payments will be a guaranteed amount per dollar in your account. These periodic payments may last for a definite period, such as 20 years, or an indefinite period, such as your lifetime or the lifetime of you and your spouse.

There are several definitions of "Disability" within a disability insurance policy, therefore there are several ways you can be disabled under the terms of the contract. Disability is a simple fashion, a sickness or injury which interferes in your ability to work. Hopefully this answers your first question, "Does this policy cover accident and sickness?" with a resounding yes For individuals who own their own business, are in sales, or are the chief rainmaker for their company, there must be a residual disability rider on your policy disability. 

Long Term Care
Long term care can be broadly defined as care provided by another party for the benefit of those who are unable to care for themselves. Generally, long term care refers to the personal care and other related services provided on an extended basis to people who need help with certain Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) or who need supervision due to severe cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's Disease. Care can be provided at home, in the community, in an assisted care facility or in a nursing home. The need for long term care can happen in an instant or gradually as a person's health declines. Some of the reasons for receiving long term care include: chronic disease, prolonged illness, injuries sustained as a result of an accident, disability, or cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's Disease that limits a person's ability to think or reason. If you're like most people, you depend on your paycheck to pay your monthly living expenses. Disability insurance helps to cover these financial responsibilities should you have an illness or injury that makes you unable to work.Many different disability insurance products are available to help protect you and your family against the severe financial hardship that may accompany a disability.

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