Sales Tax

Sale Tax is a consumption tax charged at the point of sale for certain goods and services. The Tax usually set as a percentage by the government charging the tax. There is usually a list of exemptions. The tax can be included in the price (Tax inclusive) or added at the point of sale. (Tax exclusive)

With SHANE FINANCIAL, we will calculate and file it for you at the appropriate county and city. We would be glad to represent you at the local sale tax office for any audit that you might have.

Sale Tax Information:

Sale Tax Account
Product Sale
Account Number
Address Suite City
Telephone - Fax -
Sale Tax    
Total Sale
Amount of given away your product without a payment
Sale for non Taxes (resale)
Any Sale to government
Sale that shipped to a consumer outside of your State
Amount of any repair and installment of your product
Any Sale delivered to any location outside of your district area (State)